5 Unique Features of iPhone 6

iphone features

With the launch of the latest installment in Apple Smartphone series, iPhone 6 is un-boxed with many new features and improvements in every aspect.

Millions of customers are excited to get their hands on bigger, better, harder and faster Smartphone. Apart from the big screen, improved battery life and optimum internal configurations, iPhone 6 has many astounding features that will surely amaze you.

iphone features

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Optical Image Stabilization
Though iPhone 6 has camera with just 8 MP, but it has optimized touch focus, burst mode and optical image stabilization. If you will notice photos taken from iPhone 6 plus, they are much sharper. This is because Apple uses A8 SoC, the M8 coprocessor and the improved camera lens to let you capture the best photo. It can sense any rapid movement and adjust its camera lens accordingly to give you the sharp, static and a rich color tone image. And, the best part is you don’t have to do any manual setting, it adjusts automatically, capturing lifelike photos.

1080p@60fps Video Recording
While improving the camera and making it the best up until now, even the video features have been optimized to a great level. Until now most of the Smartphones would offer 1080p@30 fps, but Apple has pushed off the limits and now you can record videos at both 60fps and 30fps. More fps means more sharp and clear video. Whether you are shooting from a moving vehicle or recording lifetime moments, it gets you rid of all motion blurring and gives you crystal clear images. Yet, it does not stop here, it offers a slo-mo mode to record videos at 240fps, andyou can catch incredibly minute details.

VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling
iPhone 6 has been introduced with the new VoLTE (voice over LTE) feature, for better internet calls. Now you don’t have to be dependent just on your cell network, but you can make calls over Wi-Fi even if your cell network is not available. People who are residing in areas with fluctuating cell network, this proved to be a boon for them. However, you need the approval of your network provider to use both these features.

More and Improved Sensors
Apple has integrated many sensors in this device. Some of the sensors like gyroscope, accelerator, proximity, light sensor and TouchID were already introduced in previous models. This time, this flagship phone is incorporated with barometer sensor. This sensor senses where you are, your altitudes, weather around you and let you know potentially about every small atmospheric change.

Apple Pay
Apply Pay is nothing but a mobile wallet for iPhone. It has partnered with Visa, American Express and MasterCard to let you pay through your mobile rather than hard cash. Apple has equipped the new device with an NFC chip, which makes transaction wireless. Users need to simply add a credit card by scanning it with the phone camera. Yet, it is too early to conclude whether an Apple Pay will succeed or not, but the idea of paying for your pizza slice with your phone sounds exciting.

Thus, Apple has attempted to make it better in every way. There are many more distinct features in this phone, which collectively makes it the best iPhone ever.

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