4 Security WordPress Plugins to Add Two-Factor Authentication

security WordPress plugins

WordPress is widely used blogging platform and content management system used by millions of publisher’s worldwide.

This flexibility entices many hackers to steal confidential information from wordpress users.

Most of the attacks are done by stealing your login credentials which is very vulnerable for hacking.

To avoid such circumstances, implementing Two-factor authentication will protect your blog against data theft and hackers.

security WordPress plugins

It consists of two distinct authentication stages:

  1. The account password.
  2. A randomly generated security code called a One Time Password (OTP) or Token.

Advantage of Two-Factor Authentication:

In this non-secure world this type of authentication is very essential to safe guard your digital assets. Even if someone knows your password they can’t able to login to your wordpress blog unless they have got access to both registered mobile phone and password.

Duo Two-Factor authentication

It’s a simple plugin which adds two factor authentications to your wordpress blog for admins and users. Rather than relying on admin passwords which can be vulnerable, this plugin add a second layer of security that enables users to verify identity using mobile phones or hardware tokens than ensure account safety.
Download | Demo Video

Authy Two Factor Authentication

The previous one is little bit complicated so to make things simpler, try Authy Two Factor Authentications plugin. It works similar to Gmail two step authentications, once you install this plugin, grab the API from their official site and register a Mobile number with it.

Whenever you try to login to your WordPress blog, it will send you a one-time password via SMS which you can use it as login credentials.

Download | Signup for API key

YubiKey Two Factor Authentication

This is a hardware based Authentication which is slightly different from the previous services.

This little key device is pretty had to beat and it cost around $30 including all shipping charges. First install this plugin in your wordpress blog. When you plug this device in your computer, the device is register as a USB keyboard. When you press the button, it will generate one time key (USB token) which is generated by the device and not by its server, so it makes significantly harder to intercept.

Download | Buy this Device

Google Authenticator

This performs the same function via its official Google Authenticator app for iPhone and Android devices. Install this app and plug-in in your Smartphone and in your WordPress blog, you’ll receive a call or OTP every time you try to login to your account.


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