3 Ways To Embrace Technology In Your Office

Technology is ever changing, so keeping your workforce informed and engaged with new software and equipment can be difficult. To use technology to its fullest potential, members of staff need to be motivated and interested. Here are three easy ways to encourage your employees to embrace technology in your office.

Ditch the workstation

Due to the modern way of working, your employees may spend the majority of their days sat at a desk and glued to a computer screen. However, as manager, you could allow your staff members to work away from their usual desk areas. For example, you could create a space where employees can work using laptops, tablets and even smartphones.

As office furniture specialist Calibre suggests, the space you create can inspire your workforce, so you’ll need to ensure the area is quiet and free from distractions and it should be well equipped with comfortable seating and plenty of tables. While it might seem like an unnecessary luxury, creating a calming and relaxing environment for your staff gives them the opportunity to spend time away from their typical setting and it could even boost productivity.

Train up your staff

It’s your responsibility as an employer to make sure your staff are brought up to speed whenever a new piece of technology is introduced into the office. However, a lot of companies make the mistake of not allowing enough time for adequate training. Some employees may find complex technologies intimidating, while others may be able to get to grips with it much more easily. You cannot expect your staff members to accept unfamiliar technologies if they are lacking in basic knowledge, so it is vital that you provide them with the time, tools and information they need. You should find that after a substantial amount of training and guidance, even your most hesitant employees will be more willing to embrace change.

Work on the go

Technology is so advanced that it now allows us to work from home, the train or even on foot. Smartphones, laptops and tablets can do many of the things that desktops can, from sending and receiving emails to facilitating conference calls Whether you have employees who are based at home or travel a lot,  you might want to consider how they can use technology while they’re on the go. Having access to their work when they’re not at the office is a great way for members of staff to stay engaged and up-to-date with what is going on in their absence.

By following some of these useful tips, you should begin to see your employees become more welcoming of technology in the workplace.

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