Apple iPhone 6

Apple iPhone 6 is it something new??

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Budget Micromax Smartphones to Buy This Year

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popular android games

Android Games that were most searched in the past year

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Apple Watch

Introducing the Apple’s First Wearable Device: Apple Watch

With the latest releases of different technological devices, Apple is now going to launch its first wearable watch within 60-90 days. There has been a huge debate between the tech media as... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to be a 4K device: Enough to ensure more storage

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Digital Camera

Best Digital Camera Techniques For Larger Than Life Panoramic Photography

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HTC One M9: The Best Phone To Buy Announces A Much-Awaited Launch

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Sony Xperia Z4: Dual SIM, QHD and Full HD Versions

We got to see Xperia Z3 from Sony that was quite a fantastic product overall with dual SIM. It was a much hyped device of the year, and the business took hype... Read more »
Sony Xperia Z4

Upcoming Sony Xperia Z4 and Z5 Rumors

Last year in the month of September, Sony launched Xperia Z3 which is one of the biggest hit by Sony till now. The phablet has great bunch of sensors, packs up with... Read more »