10 Things About Microsoft Edge Browser You Should Know

Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft has recently gave a new look for browsing with Edge.

The official release took place on 29th July 2015 and is the default browser replacing Internet Explorer in Windows 10 as well as in the upcoming Windows 10 Smartphones and tablets.

It has many advanced features and can really say that Edge is shaping up and it has got a remarked beginning. Many of the users find it more exiting.

Microsoft Edge Browser

What is new in Edge?: Let’s find out what makes Edge different from other browsers.

What Makes Edge Different?
Edge is built as a lightweight browser removes technologies like ActiveX and uses a layout called EdgeHTML. Edge is consolidated with Cortana for voice control, personalizes search, etc. It is provided with much look and feel; has modernistic touch. You can see navigation controls, address bar that makes feel like the title bar for site, has text box inputs, etc.

Web Notes
You can find this feature more interesting since it makes users helpful to note the points down, mark or even write on the web pages and to save it or even to share it with others. You can see the Web Note on the toolbar and can work with it on any of the web pages as you wish.

Hides Data
The aids usually seen on the pages are sometimes risky; takes the personal data. Edge has the feature for hiding the data but, will have to enable it once from the settings.

To enable select the Settings from Edge menu and move on to View Advanced Settings then, “On” the option Send Do Not Track requests

It is a sidebar, which keeps record of all the information that the user has accessed such as; Your Reading List, Browsing History, Current Downloads, favorites, etc. The Reading List allows to save and to synchronize the readings to drive and use it for future reading.

Quick Share
If you want to share the information with others then, Edge allows a quick share without the saving the site address. The ‘Share’ tag in the toolbar has the option for Mail; you can create the mail and send.

Compacts the Web Page
Some of the web pages are tedious to read. Edge can get you the page to a compact mode but, not with all the web pages. It will show a blink on the Reading View button of the Edge on the particular page that can be compacted. You will have to click it once and pages get converted to single page and remove the irrelevant information.

Edge has ‘Autofill’ option to save the passwords, username and other personal information if you are browsing on your personal system. If the user is accessing the Outlook.com continuously then, Edge can fill it for making the entry easier next time.

Top Sites
Edge is supported with the feature: top sites and suggested content for helping the users to see the frequently visited sites at first they have launched the browser and even shows new sites, contents, etc.

Browse Secretly
The In Private browsing of Edge supports to browse the pages without storing the history, passwords or the cookies thus, making to browse by hiding from others.

Search with Address Bar
You can get direct search without visiting the websites. The address bar helps to instantly search from web such as; the search results about the weather easily, etc.

Small Talk
With Edge you can surf the web quickly and easily. It has got many advanced feature compared to other browsers and new features are there yet to come.

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