Why Officially Pokemon Go is Not Available in India!


Pokémon Go‘ Designed and launched by Niantic, Pokemon Go is a location based augmented reality game for Android and iOS devices. The game uses mobile’s GPS to locate, battle, capture and train virtual creatures or Pokemon, appear on the mobile screen as if the Pokemon and the player are in the same real-world location.

‘Pokémon Go’ got mixed online reviews, but immense popularity. Many reviewers praised it for its concept, but at the same time some reviewers criticized for technical issues. Despite such mixed reviews, it became one of the most downloaded mobile apps worldwide. Released on July 6, 2016, the game has attracted many controversies and allegations for contributing to accidents and become illegal in some locations. Here are some reasons why Pokemon Go should not be played in India:

#1. Potholes on the Roads can Injure You Seriously
While playing the game, people run absent minded on the roads looking into the mobile phone’s screen, giggling over an attack-plan perhaps, can lead to severe accidents, mishaps and injuries. As the monsoon season begins, it’s quite likely that the streets in India will not be safe and will be full of pothole. I hope, no ‘Pokémon Go’ player wants to end up being in an open pothole.

#2. Playing While Driving may lead You to Hospital
In a very less time, people are addicted to the game and are playing Pokemon Go while driving as well. The need for strict traffic rules and wider roads are some major issues that restrict India to counter the increasing number of road accidents and games like Pokémon Go can provoke the condition. Nowadays, ‘Pokemoning’ when driving has become a serious traffic issue in foreign countries and it must be avoided in India.

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#3. May Turn Out into Your Worst Nightmare
Fun-Packed, Augmented Reality Game May Turn Out into Your Worst Nightmare. It may sound ridiculous, but the fact is you may near-death experience with this Pokémon Go. Some days ago, a man body was found floating in the river early in the morning while trying to catch Pokemon from a ‘water resource’. A detective confirms that the body found floating in the Wind River was Jeffrey Day, 28.

#4. Increase Chances of Robbery for Money
Some mischievous Pokémon Go player may attack you in some isolated or deserted areas, while waiting to trap. With no help available, you may become target to their robbery plan. Recently, the similar incident took place in the Missouri (USA). Even in India, gunpoint attacks and robbery are becoming common in cities like Gurgaon. Releasing a game that has security issues like Pokémon Go may escalate the problem.

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#5. Heated Arguments and Verbal Disputes on the Road
Undoubtedly, Indians are highly competitive, along with that, we are also short tempered and very impatient. Pokémon Go players loosing sportsmanship may create a disturbance on the road that will create a mess. Pokémon Go Can lead to Heated Arguments and Verbal Disputes on the Road.

#6. You Will Loose Your Favorite Hangout Spot
We all have some memories related to specific places and we would like to spend our time over there when we are happy, sad, excited or lonely. That place may also become noisy and full of people if the Pokemon is hidden there.

Take another example, imagine an elderly people sitting peacefully at park and enjoying their time at their favorite hangout spot. On the other hand, now create an image of same place with a bunch of frenzied and noisy people ruining the peace with their crazy attacks and jargon. You will definitely feel sympathy for those elderly people.

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#7. Damage to Public Property
While playing Pokemon Go, people are going crazy and you cannot expect them to behave normally during the game. The beautiful and attractive appeal of any place may be attacked with vandalism. Already, India have very few picturesque streets and we cannot afford any kind of damage to the public property.

#8. Abnormal Behaviur at Public Places
While playing this game, the player needs to run self-absorbed and abruptly in all directions, which cause inconvenient for other people, May Cause Abnormal Behavior at Public Places. This utterly confused situation is highly undesirable in public places.

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#9. Inconvenience to Authorities of Law and Order
In a Pokémon Go battle, the law and order authorities may find it difficult to control the distracted and harried players. Sometimes it can be funny to being an utter confusion.

#10. Addiction May cause Nuisance in Workplace
Addiction of Pokemon Go may cause Nuisance in Workplace or Even get you Fired. No matter how much Pokemon Go appeals to the players around the world, but there is one person in the world who will not tolerate such ruckus during working hours and the person is called ‘Boss’. If the addiction of the game will continue to grow in such speed, soon we will see the notice saying:

“Save the game for your break time or else you will have lots of unemployed to “Catch them all”.’

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